Bone Tissue Engineering

Vascular Tissue Engineering


Bioingénierie Tissulaire (BioTis)

Inserm U1026

Université Bordeaux

146, rue Léo-Saignat

33076 BORDEAUX cedex - France

Tél. : 33 (0)5 57 57 14 88

Fax : 33 (0)5 56 90 05 17

Postdoctoral position: Vascular Tissue

Engineering / Extracellular Matrix

The Lab:

Our lab is part of research unit BIOTIS (Bioengineering of Tissues), which is an INSERM/University of Bordeaux research unit. The work of my team is centered around the use of Cell-Assembled extracellular Matrix (CAM), which is produced by cells in long-term cultures ( More specifically, my group focuses on vascular applications and specifically on the development of a small diameter tissue-engineered vascular graft (TEVG). I have an “ERC Advanced” grant (5 year, 2.5M€), which will allow our team to grow significantly, and will be leveraged to develop a long-term vascular tissue engineering effort in Bordeaux.

The Project:

We are building TEVGs by weaving CAM yarn. One difficulty is that the ends of a woven material can fray or unravel when cut. Your work will be to develop a strategy to connect independent segments of CAM. This can be achieved by knotting, gluing (various types of glues), or fusing (energy) the CAM. First, the connections will be evaluated mechanically. Then, the connections will be implanted in an animal model to determine if the attachment strategy triggers a degradative/inflammatory response (nude rat or allogeneic large animal model). The TEVG project is on-going and currently involves on post-doc, 2 PhD students and 2 research staff. Projects may be added or modified depending on progress and expertise of the post-doc.

The Job:

• This is up to a 3-year position.

• Designing and conducting experiments (cell culture, weaving, implantation/biopsy retrieval in animals, mechanical testing, histology,       immunolabelling, imaging, etc.).

• Participating in laboratory activities (ordering, maintenance, organization, etc.).

• Work with and supervise graduate students or staff.

• Writing articles, reports, protocols, grant proposals.

• Communicating data internally and in scientific meetings.


Ø    A Ph.D. with some biological component

Ø Relevant tissue-engineering expertise including in vivo implantation or experience with biological glues and tissue fusion.

Ø Relevant expertise in inflammation and/or inflammatory response to biomaterials

Ø Excellent publication record / writing skills (matching stage of career)

Ø   One successful post-doc is a plus

Excellent ability to work in groups

• Experience in mechanical testing is also a plus.

• Experience in cell culture is desirable.

• Experience in histological techniques is a plus.

The ideal candidate:

• Is dynamic and resourceful. This project requires the ability to develop new contacts and new techniques.

• Candidates with the long-term interest of joining the INSERM, and with a publication record compatible with this ambition, will receive special consideration.


• The position is available immediately and shall remain open until the position is filled.

• This is a full time, 1 year, postdoctoral appointment with the possibility of multiple renewals based upon satisfactory job performance (3 years of funding have been secured)

• Salary will be determined based on years of experience post-degree according to established institution guide lines. Benefits included according to INSERM guidelines.

Candidates should send a motivation letter, their CV and the names of 3 references to Nicolas L'Heureux at with the subject line POSTDOC HUMAN TEXTILE 2020.